Evidence for the Resurrection

What's Your Filter

Date: November 23, 2014
Study: What’s Your Filter? Christian Apologetics and Worldview
Teacher: Small Group Debate Format

Study Thesis: A Christian worldview enables us to look at all of live through scriptural lenses, which in turn equips us to defend the faith, evangelize wisely, critique unbiblical thought that pervades our culture, and bring God glory in all of life.

Christian Apologetics: the discipline of offering a defense of and case for, or offer evidence for, the veracity and reliability of the Christian faith.

The truth of the resurrection is THE fundamental question of Christianity.  What someone believes about Jesus determines how they will answer so many other questions that they deal with.  If Jesus truly is God incarnate, then one will also believe in God.  If Jesus lived and died, then it seems like God could also ordain the contents of the Bible to all point to this one Godman who would save humanity from their sin. And if God could raise Jesus from the dead, then he can transform our lives and give us hope of life with him forever.

If true, the resurrection ensures five things for Christians:  Continue reading