How to Study the Bible

Date: October 6, 2013
Study: Scripture: Unchanging Truth in a Changing World
Teacher: Kameron Slater

3 Simple Steps for Studying the Bible

  1. What is the big picture? A 30,000 foot flyover of a book or passage to get the context, common themes, and tone.
  2. What is the deeper meaning? Putting boots on the ground to bring out the details of each chapter or section.
  3. What is the summary? Creating a map of a entire book. A one or two sentence description that relates to the passage as a whole.

Suggestions for Marking Your Bible

  • Orange = references to God’s glory
  • Green = references to earlier Scripture
  • Purple = references to royalty/kingship/the coming Messiah
  • Red = anything notable, particularly the actions of Jesus
  • Blue = references to faith, belief, piety, etc
  • Pink = references to knowing or fearing God
  • Yellow = anything notable, repeated words or themes


  • Examine your beliefs. Are you being deluded with modern day philosophies or traditions which contradict the Word or aren’t in the Word? What are they? How will you combat this?
  • Inductive Bible Study isn’t easy. How can you make it your goal to let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly and walk according to it?

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