HACM Weekly Roundup [9/27/13]


  • Jesus Is Not Your Sin-Manager– “Grace never softens our thirst for obedience. It actually inspires us to go on the warpath against our unholiness. We look to the cross as believers, and we see there lavish forgiveness, but also our fundamental approach to sin. In the power of the cross, we are to kill sin. We are to realize that it is a deadly serious matter. Jesus did not die to manage our sin. He died to kill it.”
  • Movement Requires Action– “The Great Commission Movement requires us to be disciplined disciples. Notice that Jesus removes the heavy burden of self-righteousness and replaces it with his own light burden. He replaces our burden of sin with a burden for sinners. When Jesus gives us his yoke, he comes alongside us to war against our sin and accomplish the disciple-making mission. He wants us to be a part of redeeming the fallen world. He wants us to be a part of His movement!”
  • Six Benefits of Ordinary Devotions– “Brick upon brick a building is built. Lesson upon lesson a degree is earned. Stroke upon stroke a painting is created. Your devotions may have seemed ordinary today, but God is making something extraordinary through it. Press on. Don’t short-change the process.”


  • “Before we can begin to see the cross as something done for us, we have to see it as something done by us.” —John Stott
  • “Upon the two hinges of faith and repentance do all the promises of the Bible stand.” —George Swinnock
  • “The Son of God came to seek us where we are in order that he might bring us to be with him where he is.” —J.I. Packer



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