HACM Weekly Roundup [9/13/13]


  • It’s Not You, It’s God: Nine Lessons for Breakups: “It might be one of the most popular Christian break-up lines, ‘Look, it’s not you, It’s God.’ God very well may lead you to a breakup, but don’t use him as a scapegoat. Own your own sin and ask for forgiveness where it is needed. Then be honest about how you came to this decision, how he made this direction clear to you.” 
  • Four Principles for the Exercise of Christian Liberty: “True Christian liberty, unlike the various ‘freedom’ or ‘liberation’ movements of the secular world, is not a matter of demanding the ‘rights’ we have….Only when we recognize that we do not deserve our “rights” can we properly exercise them as privileges.” 
  • Five Fundamental Questions Conservative Evangelicals Must Address: “The challenge before us is not that people will disagree with Christianity; it’s that they won’t understand it at all.  Which is why conservative Christian concerns right now about being marginalized on account of our moral teachings are totally misplaced.  As long as we are being actively marginalized, we are still being taken seriously.  It’s indifference from a surrounding culture that ought to concern Christians.”


  • “God’s purpose in redeeming men from sin is not to give them freedom to do as they please but freedom to do as He pleases.” —John MacArthur
  • “It was God’s word that made us; is it any wonder that his word should sustain us?” —C.H. Spurgeon
  • “We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the First.” —Oswald Smith



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