The Big Story of Scripture

Date: September 8, 2013
Study: Scripture: Unchanging Truth in a Changing World
Teacher: Kameron Slater

The grand story of Scripture revolves around Jesus!

The Acts of the Big Story of Scripture:
Act 1: God
Act 2: Creation
Act 3: Rebellion
Act 4: Rescue
Act 5: Home
[adapted from The Big Story by Justin Buzzard]

Connecting Your Story with Scripture’s Story:
Does God exist? If so, what is he like? Why?
Where do you get your identity?
How do you explain a broken world?
How does the Big Story make better sense out of fixing deep brokenness?
What is your response to this good news?
What do you believe is the main point or theme of the Bible? (The Big Story)
Write some of the major events in your story so far on the timeline below. Where do your story and God’s story intersect?

Fusing Together Love and Sound Doctrine: The Second Letter of John
Who is the noble lady?
Who according to John loves the lady?
Who does John warn the church against in vs. 7‐11?
How could false teaching undermine Christian’s love for each other? Consider vs. 1 and 2
Based on John’s teaching in this passage, how would you respond to someone who said, “What God cares about is not that we have right doctrine, but that we love others?”

What story is big enough to interpret life (this life in an imperfect world, your life)?
What would it look like to love someone who does not believe that Jesus is the only way to be saved?
What would it look like to love one who is struggling to trust in God’s sovereignty and goodness during trials?

The Big Story by Justin Buzzard
The Whole Truth About God: Biblical Theology by Bobby Jamieson
God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgement by Dr. James M. Hamilton


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